Welcome home

Native and neat, you’ll find saltbushes scattered near the crashing waves along the coastline of our sun blessed country; but their silvery leaves are perfectly suited to life among the Aussie hinterland, or a settled within a slick city street.

Hardy, beautiful to look at, and well-positioned in any setting; these plants are just like the homes we create.

Saltbush Constructions was born from a love of the beach and the bush in equal measures. It’s a family business guided by more years experience in construction than we’d care to admit. We are proud Master Builders born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, and we know there’s nothing better than coming home to the place you love.

Whether it’s your first home or the build you’ve been dreaming of, we can work with you in an affordable and efficient way. So inhale that sea breeze, relax, and we’ll have you walking through your new front door in no time.

Saltbush Constructions building your dream!

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